September 13, 2007

NIC-UKP 2007年度進学先大学(Art Foundation)

NIC-UKP 2007年度進学先大学(一部・Art, Drama, Music Foudantion)

●Arts Institute at Bournemouth(Film Production)

●London College of Fashion(Footwear Design)

●University College of Falmouth(Textile Design)

●Kingston University(Live Arts)

●University of Leicester(Restoration, PG Diploma)

●London Metropolitan University
(Business Enterprise & Furniture & Product Design)

●University of Huddersfield(Drama & Music)

●Newcastle University(Architectural Studies)

●Kingston University(Interior Design (springboard))

●University College for Creative Arts(Animation)

●Glasgow School of Art(Architectural Studies)

●Kingston University(Design & Photography)

●Goldsmiths, University of London(Art Practice)

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