August 06, 2010

Summer Writing Topics - from Danny

Writing Journal Topics!

Hey NIC students! The summer vacation has arrived, and this is a nice way to keep up with your English. What to do is simple. NIC issued you a nice clean notebook. Below are 15 topics to choose from. Write about a new topic every day or every other day. You should write at least 200 words, but, of course, you may write more. Try to use new vocabulary in your writings and write in any style: paragraph, essay, or just freestyle. Make sure that you write well and use good grammar. If you have some time, meet up with some NIC friends over the summer to share what you have written. You can also edit each other’s writing. I told the other NIC teachers that you would be doing this. Maybe some of them might give you some extra credit for doing this over the summer. If you are in MY RWD class second semester, I will definitely give you some extra points for doing this (but of course your teachers will not be able to edit all of these when your return…it’s just practice and effort). If you complete all of these topics and want some more, please email me!

Take care,
Danny K. Howard, EAP Associate Director

Sample Topics

1. Write about an experience that you have had in a new place. This new place can be a foreign country, a new city, or a new part of your hometown.

2. Choose a famous artist in your country. This person may be a singer, painter, dancer, or composer. Research about this person and take some notes in your notebook. Take the notes in your own words and do not look at the source when you write this. Now write about this person’s childhood, early career, and influence on society.

3. Write about your future career goals. What do you want to study? What kind of career is best for you?

4. What are some things that you want to improve about yourself for the second semester? Why do you want to improve these areas?

5. Write about the most important thing that you learned in your first semester at NIC. It can be something you learned inside or outside of the classroom. Who taught it to you? Why is this so important to you?

6. Choose a country that you do not know much about. Find out 10 interesting points about the country that would surprise most people. Be sure to take notes in your own words before writing this. Do not look at your source when you write.

7. Write about a place that you enjoy going to in the summer. Tell specific details about the place and why you enjoy going there.

8. Research an aspect of culture that is important to Japanese people. It may be a ceremony, a festival, a holiday, or something like clothing. Take notes in your own words and then write about it to share with a person from another country.

9. Write your opinion about this topic: Recently the owner of Rakuten, a very famous Japanese company, announced that all documents, meetings, and discussions must be done in English. This purpose is to open the company more to the foreign market and make the employees understand the importance of English in the workplace. Is this a good idea for a Japanese company to use English for everything at work?

10. Now smart phones have a lot of applications, and people enjoy using them for many things in their lives. Think of an idea of how these smart phones will change in the future. Use your imagination here!

11. Interview someone older than you about life in Japan in the past. Try to interview someone like a grandparent, uncle or aunt, or parent. Choose a few areas to focus on like school, fashion, music, technology, or home life. Then write about how life in the past was different or similar to life today.

12. Research a place like a museum, park, or famous building in your country. Take notes on it in your own words. Then use your notes to report information about it!

13. Research an animal that is interesting to you. Find out information about its habitat, diet, characteristics, and appearance. Write down this information in your own words and then write about it.

14. Write ten things that you love about your life. Explain why each of these ten things make your life great!

15. Choose a college that you are interested in attending next year. Go to its main website and write down information about its campus, curriculum, students, and city or town attractions. Then write down this information to share with someone.

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